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Brazilian Passport Photo Requirements

Brazilian Passport book and photo example

Brazilian passport picture requirements can be complicated for adults applying for passport, but even more so for children.

There are many steps and details to consider when taking a photo for the passport application.

Carefully consider the Brazilian passport photo requirements below.

Brazil Passport Photo Requirements:

  • One photo
  • Photograph must be recent, taken less than six months from the date of application
  • The size of the photo should be 2 x 2 inches
  • The person must be front facing, with gaze directed at the camera
  • The photo should be taken with the person in front of a white background
  • The face and shoulders should be framed by the photo
  • Eyes must be open and clearly visible
  • Glasses are permitted, as long as they do not obstruct the face or eyes
  • The photo must be clear, with no presence of shadows, reflections or shade
  • Hair should be pulled away from face
  • Head gear is not permit, except those used for religious purposes
  • If religious head gear is worn, it must not obstruct the face in any way

Brazil Passport Photo Requirements for Children:

  • Photos of children should follow all requirements listed above
  • There should not be any toys visible in the photo
  • Hands or body parts of people holding children should not be visible
  • Photos must be in front of white background
  • Children that are too young to sit on their own can be laid down on a plain, white background

For more information about Brazil passport photo requirements visit the Brazilian General Consulate Passport Page or download a .pdf of Brazilian Passport photo examples.

Visiting Brazil

For citizens of other countries to travel to Brazil, they will need to apply for a Brazilian Visa.

Travelers to Brazil should apply for a their visa online at here:

In order to apply for a visa to travel to Brazil, applicants should follow specific requirements for visa photos.

Brazil Visa Photo Requirements:

  • One photo
  • Photo must be recent, less than six months old
  • The applicant’s appearance in the photo should reflect current appearance
  • Size of photo must measure 2 x 2 inches
  • Photo must be in color
  • The person should be in front of a white or off-white background in the photo
  • Snapshots or photocopies are unacceptable
  • Picture should be taken from a frontal view
  • The person’s entire face must be visible
  • The head should be centered and not titled in any way
  • There should be no shadows or glare in the photo
  • The photo must be clear
  • Blurry or low quality photos are unacceptable
  • The person should have neutral facial expression
  • Both eyes of the person must be open

These visa photo requirements are the same for children.

There are many different types of visas for visitors to Brazil to consider.

Visit the Brazilian General Consulate to learn more about the types of visas and the application process.